Sandra Taylor, known by her friends as Sandy, completed her Doctor of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist degrees during the year 1999. Nine years of study and application contributed to the completion of the work needed to earn these degrees.

As a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, during the year 2001 she earned her degree as a Clinical Nutrition Counselor. Sandy completed the courses needed to become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner in 2002.

It all started for Sandy in 1990 when she learned first hand that using natural health practices and products were indeed the only way to have truly good health. At that time she was unable to use her left arm for even the simplest tasks. The arm was held immobile at her chest as movement caused excruciating pain. Her family medical doctor diagnosed a "frozen shoulder." He recommended a "very painful slow-healing surgery" that according to him "takes a year to regain normal usage of the arm."

Knowing that she wanted to avoid surgery if possible, a friend suggested that Sandy seek help from an herbalist in the area. By following the nutritional guidelines given by the herbalist along with a regime of herbal supplements, Sandy noticed relief within a few weeks.

With this experience, Sandy knew that she had finally found her niche in life. Because she was so ignorant of natural health practices, her thirst for knowledge was enormous. She vowed to devote her life to learning as much as quickly as possible and then help with the education of others regarding what she believed is indeed the only true healing. She knew that too many people were suffering with health problems for which medical doctors had said there was no known medical solution.

Today Sandy is certain of two things:

One: There are natural remedies for all ailments. She says, "Knowing that the body heals itself we need only to locate the origin of the problem and then supply the needed nutritional building blocks to assist the body in complete healing."

Two: "Anyone, no matter what the age, can accomplish anything if they want it badly enough to put forth the effort needed, have faith in themselves, and ask God for his guidance and blessings."

When a client makes an appointment with Sandy for a personal evaluation, Sandy uses information acquired from her three-part program to determine areas in need of attention. A questionnaire enables Sandy to learn areas that may be contributing to the problem her client is undergoing. Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Response Testing is the second tool used during the work-up. The Interview portion of the evaluation allows Sandy to receive feedback from the client and combine this information with the results of Kinesiology and the questionnaire.

Sandy then suggests natural remedies, strongly recommends getting rid of bad habits, and implementing proper nutritional guidelines. She allows a minimum of 60 minutes with each client to assure herself and the client that every needed topic is discussed and understood.

For those wanting to learn more about their body and the natural supplements that support it, Sandy teaches classes. In addition to teaching she continues to attend seminars and classes in order to stay current in the natural health field.

As a National Manager and independent distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products, Sandy strongly stresses the importance of using high quality products.

"Remember," she says, "you get what you pay for. Everyone should buy quality. Especially when it comes to food and food supplements! Don't waste your money! Some products on the market today are so lacking in nutrition that to equal the strength of 1 Nature's Sunshine's capsules you may have to take 6 or 8 of the other brand. Some of the other brands pass right on through the body without even being dissolved much less digested or assimilated."

Sandy believes that as in her own life, everyone will be happier and healthier with sunshine in their lives - Nature's Sunshine Products!

Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. is a well-respected company that has been marketing the highest quality natural health products for more than 35 years in many other countries as well as in the United States.

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"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature."

Paracelsus 1493-1541


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